Editor freezing on android build & run

Unity is crashing/freezing when build and run an android project.

It gets to the progress where it is searching for a suitable android device to push to and hangs there. I have to then CTRL+ALT+DELETE my way out.

If i just build without trying to push to device, it finishes without issue.

Didn’t start doing this until i updated to 4.3.4 (wish i hadn’t)

Is this happening for anyone else?

Yes, it consistently happens to me as well. I am running on a Mac under Mountain Lion. 4.3.4 has many, many problems. Android debugging in the editor does not work and often crashes Unity, and iOS debugging in the editor is extremely flakey as well.

4.3.4 is a HUGE step backwards in terms of developer usability :frowning:

= Ed =

Hey! @GonzoCubFan & @dann1212 I’m stuck on the same issue :frowning: but using Unity 2017.3.1f1

  • Unity finishes correctly the building proces when choosing “build”, and creates the .apk
  • When choosing “build and run” Unity creates the .apk, and installs it in my mobile device correctly (I can play, etc). But when the .apk build process is finished, Unity freezes and the only way to re-access or quit is by using CTRL + ALT + DEL.

Did anyone find a solution?

  • I tried to re-config some player options said in a unityAnswers post → NOT WORKING
  • Also plugged my USB on a 3.0 ports and 2.0 ports → NOT WORKING

Adding a pic of the Unity’s freezing screen (there’s no console errors, just getting stucked):