Editor hangs on Play for 60+ seconds

Hello !

In a PolySpatial project, when I hit Play in the Unity Editor, things seem to Compile quickly, but then I get the spinning beach-ball for a solid 60 seconds, maybe 80, before the scene actually starts playing. This is with Unity 22.3.18f1. I’ve rebooted, re-installed the editor, etc. Other folks working with the same scene aren’t having this issue. This is not PlayToDevice or Build, just standard Play. If I start a blank scene and don’t bring in PolySpatial then Play operates promptly.

How can I diagnose what’s going on ? Are there logs I can check ?

do you by chance have To Play Device Connect On Play enabled even if the editor window is closed?

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Why yes, yes I did.
Thank You! This is huge.

(I have not gotten P2D to work, but that’s a separate thing)

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