Editor layout hotkeys?

The editor section of the Unity features pages seems to imply that one can swap between editor layouts using hotkeys, as quoted below:

Customizable Editor Layout

Choose from one of many built-in application arrangements, or create and save your own. Different tasks might benefit from different arrangements, so use easy hotkeys to switch arrangements as needed.

I'm aware that you can do this via the layout dropdown menu in the top-right of the editor, as well as via Window > Layouts. However, there are no keyboard shortcuts listed alongside the various layouts, as there are with most other menu items; relevant documentation does not seem to make mention of any hotkeys either.

Any help with locating these hotkeys would be greatly appreciated!

The best solution I have found so far is this: I’m simply executing the menu-items that switch to the individual layouts. Place this script in the Editor folder and enter the names of the layouts you want to have shortcuts for…

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class LayoutShortCuts : EditorWindow {

	[MenuItem("Window/LayoutShortcuts/1 %1", false, 999)]
	static void Layout1() {
		EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem("Window/Layouts/BLACKISH Default");

	[MenuItem("Window/LayoutShortcuts/2 %2", false, 999)]
	static void Layout2() {
		EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem("Window/Layouts/BLACKISH Max Space");


Edit > Preferences > "Keys" Tab

Those are the keyboard shortcuts you can customize.

You can also write an editor script to handle a keyboard shortcut that does something else that you need, since the whole editor is scriptable.

Here is the list of default Unity Hotkeys (soon to be published in the documentation)

PC & Mac + downloadable PDF