editor load android scene assetbundle error

I build android scene assetbundle with lightmap,then load it from editor, and project has switch to android.but after load the scene assetbundle, it looks shaders in scene dont work correct.

then I build android apk with the scene assetbundle, and run it in my android phone, I found the scene assetbundle is ok, all shader looks like just ok, no error, only light map does not work.

I use Unity5.0.1f1 pro

But When I build a webplayer scene assetbundle, then load it to editor android project, the scene work correct!!

Thanks anyone’s help!

I know the post is old and probably already solved but I write some partial solution to the problem to help others.

Lightmaps problem is because there is shaders stripping enabled which doesn’t see lightmaps used in any scenes included in build so it strips shaders needed for lightmaps

Solution is to open Edit/Project Settings/Graphics and change Shader stripping for Lightmap modes to manual and manually check all needed lightmap modes

I confirm second problem with editor on Unity 5.2.2f1 and I don’t have workaround yet