editor loading data from json error FileNotFoundException: Could not find file

hello i am trying to create node Dialouge editor so the way it works by save and load convarsation class’s which contain list of nodes

the problem i have is this exception “FileNotFoundException: Could not find file” when i try to load the file from the Resources folder its says no file but the file exist in the folder i dont know
if i am doing this in the right way hope get some help thanks in advance

the function to load data and where error happen

    NodesConvarsation LoadConvarsation(string convFolder, string convName, NodesConvarsation conv)

        conv = new NodesConvarsation();
        StreamReader sr = new StreamReader("Assets/Resources/Dialouge/Scriptable Objects/EditorConversations/" + convFolder + " / " + convName + ".json");   //here the problem happen 
        EditorJsonUtility.FromJsonOverwrite(sr.ReadToEnd(), conv);
        return conv;

i found the problem there was extra white-space’s in the path in the " / " it should be “/”