Editor not asking where to save 2D animation.

When creating a 2D animation by dragging multiple frames from a sprite onto a game object, the editor on my PC does not ask where to save the animation. Instead it saves it in the same folder as the sprite sheet and gives it a default name based on the sprite sheet is was created from. On my laptop, the save dialog pops up asking where to save. I checked to make sure i was running the same version of Unity on both PC and laptop. They are both updated to the latest Unity 5 build. I would like the editor to ask me where to save, otherwise i have to rename the animation, move it to the correct directory and go into the animator and rename the state that is made for each animation. I’ve also checked through all the settings I could find.

This has been changed in Unity 5.1… Now you have to drag only one of the sprites in the Hierarchy / Scene and then in the Animation editor click “Create” and it will ask you where to save the animations.

Yeah personally i liked the previous way, cuz i can create animated gameOjects faster and i have control, of where to save that animation, but… this is the case from now on :slight_smile:

Here’s what I did. Highlight the sprites and right click on your selection, go to “create”, then click ‘animation’. It will let you name it this way and will be named how you prefer by default in the animator tab.