Editor not launching past project select


Just got a new windows 10 machine and downloaded Unity. I can get as far as creating a new project but when I try open it, nothing pops up on screen. In the task managers background processes I can see Unity and two Unity helper tasks have popped up. I need to end them to be able to open unity again which only gets me as far as opening the project again where the editor doesn’t start.
Have reinstalled twice and restarted my computer. It opened my project once with this error:
Error loading launcher://unity/C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Unity/Packages/node_modules/unity-editor-home/dist/index.html?code=xKXeh9TgEkUpxb9xRnboiQ01af&locale=en&session_state=bdbea9187964778884d5563621c8dd37e1ff1cc5cbcb18998277af9fbad8bff2.GYr3D0Fw0k_ffZ6irWujZg005f#/login

I’ve started unity with anti virus and firewall turned off, checked my username has no spaces, downloaded an older version of unity but nothing works.

EDIT: Today I tried Unity again and it was working and opening projects. I closed it down and left it a while and now it’s doing the same thing.


EDIT; Seems every time I turn off my machine and turn it back on unity works the first time I open it then just stops.