Editor: Scene: How to change 2D View direction

I am trying to setup a docked view where I look at the scene from different locked directions at the same time. Down the X, Down the Z, Down the Y, etc. Or at the very least be able to cycle the 2D view to look down each of the 3 axes in turn.

But I cannot find a way to change the 2D view direction. It is locked to the XY plane?!

I’m not 100% sure if this is what you are looking for… But with the handle on the right top side of your scene view you can change the direction you are looking at by clicking on any of the red/green/blue/gray cones.

You can then change between perspective and orthographic by clicking in the center cube or the text that is below the whole handle (the text says one of the following right/back/left/front/top/bottom/persp/iso)

Orthographic/isometric is basically the same setting as 2D

If the handle on the right top side is not visible, disable the 2D toggle that @sohail_786 talked about…

You choose the desired 2d perspective from the 3d whether it’s XY, ZY, YX, YZ, orthographic, isometric, whatever, than you lock the view with the padlock on the top right corner, this will prevent your scene from rotating, but will still be able to move and zo

No one actually answered his question lol. He was attempting to alter the 2d perspective to fit that of any given orthographic rotative direction (which is a 3 dimensional attribute). So the answer is to ditch 2d.

There is a tab in the scene manager with lanble 2d , enable and disable will change the mode