Editor Script - Multi-Editing Value Increase/Decrease Issue


I’m working with EditorScripts within Unity, and I’m messing around with Multi-Editing.

I’ve got it all working, so I can select Multiple Objects with the same script, and edit them fine.

However, I noticed that if I increase a value (float, for example) by dragging horizontally on the value box, they don’t increase from their original value. Example:

  • Object A : Value = 0.5
  • Object B : Value = 15

If I select both objects, and drag on the value box to increase, Object A will snap to 15, and then both values will increase equally to each other.

That’s the idea of multi object editing. You apply the same values to all objects. If the values of the different objects aren’t equal the field displays “—” to indicate that they have different values. As soon as you set a value they will all be set to that value. The “drag” feature is a feature of the Int / FloatField itself. If you drag the field simply takes the current value, increase it and them apply it back. Multi editing just applies the same values to all objects.

If you want to apply a “relative” change to all objects you have to do that manually. You did not post any code how you actually acomplished your multi editing. There are many different ways.