Editor script need to create Class Script automatically


i am looking for a handy (editor) script, before i create one. Someone know a script i that can be easely modified for my needs or do i need to create from scratch? I just want to select a new imported or created gameobject and create a corresponding "class-" script by click. The script should be named like the object e.g. myobject.cs and the class name inside should match the objects name.

So here is my script i made it so far. But i have a refresh problem. Only when the scene is saved, the new created component is added correctly.

//Author: APMIX
//Put this in Assets/Editor Folder
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
public class CreateClass
    [MenuItem("Assets/Create/Add C# Class")]
    static void Create()
        GameObject selected = Selection.activeObject as GameObject;
        if (selected == null || selected.name.Length <= 0 )
            Debug.Log("Selected object not Valid");

        // remove whitespace and minus
        string name = selected.name.Replace(" ","_");
        name = name.Replace("-","_");

        string copyPath = "Assets/"+name+".cs";
        Debug.Log("Creating Classfile: " + copyPath);

        if( File.Exists(copyPath) == false ){ // do not overwrite
            using (StreamWriter outfile = 
                new StreamWriter(copyPath))
                    outfile.WriteLine("using UnityEngine;");
                    outfile.WriteLine("using System.Collections;");
                    outfile.WriteLine("public class "+name+" : MonoBehaviour {");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" ");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" ");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" // Use this for initialization");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" void Start () {");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" ");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" }");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" ");         
                    outfile.WriteLine(" ");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" // Update is called once per frame");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" void Update () {");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" ");
                    outfile.WriteLine(" }");
            }//File written