Editor Test Runner does nothing from the command line

Hi everyone

I am having problems with the Editor Test Runner with the latest Unity 5.3 version.
I have unit tests which ran just fine from the command line with Unity Test Tools in Unity 5.0. But now with the latest version, when I run the editor tests from the command line (as per this link), nothing happens... The editor opens and literally nothing happens.

I should also mention that the same tests run just fine from inside the editor in the Test Runner, which makes this problem even more strange.


How are you running the tests? what is the exact command line you're using?

Also, are the tests run locally on your machine, or on a build server? do you have the build log to see what was executed and whether it contains any useful info ?

Back with 5.0 it used to run just fine on the build server (Jenkins build).

At the moment I was testing locally to check what is wrong.

I have an alias to the Unity app (running on mac os at the moment) and this is how I am trying to run the tests.

unity -projectPath $WORKSPACE -runEditorTests -editorTestsResultFile ${WORKSPACE}/UnitTestsResults.xml
I have also gave it a shot on windows but the same result happens.

I get no test results xml after running the command. :/

Thanks for your reply!

Did you check out the Unity editor log? when you launch it (even from command line) it should generate a log file. That may contain some useful information as to what happened (it's especially easy to check it out if you're testing on the local machine).

Check this link for paths of the log file per platform: http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/LogFiles.html

Hi again,

I did check the Editor.log file (see here) and I did not find anything suspicious. :/


Actually the log mentions this;
Running editor test from the project requires batch mode.

Consider adding the -batchmode argument (not sure why this has worked before and why it is broken now...)

Adding -batchmode did the trick. :)
Do you think this would be a regression? I.e., the -batchmode will most likely be removed from the command in the future?

Cheers and thanks for the help!

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No idea. This parameter has been there for ages

is there any command to run integration test through the ant script ? Please share command.