Editor Version not match project version

I have the same issue every time I try to open a project that someone send me, I check the file project version and I open the project with the corresponding version but unity show me the warning Editor version not match the project version, and when I try to opened with another version, the warning some the same version in the file project version. Someone have a solution to this. Thanks

I don’t know if this is a “legal” solution but what I did to get rid of that pesky error message was to hack an internal Unity file. In your Project directory there is a directory Project Settings. Inside that directory is a file named Project Version. Inside that file is the exact version the project is in. Just use Wordpad or NotePad to change that string to match your present editor version. In my case I went from 2017.4.4f? to 2017.4.8f?. This was a last resort hack.

My situation was that I had just updated from LTS 2017.4.4 to LTS 2017.4.8. I had two projects I was working with and both of them kept claiming that they were last saved in 4.4 although I had repeatedly saved the project while in the 4.8 editor. I did the Reimport All under Assets command repeatedly. When I shut down work yesterday I was still getting that error warning on both projects. When I rebooted today, one of the projects now didn’t give the warning (and in the open project window it reported itself as being 4.8). But the other project still thought it was 4.4. So…I hacked a file. And everything seems to work now. Maybe there’s are some bad repercussions from doing this but I’m not seeing them yet.