Editor Windows : Creating Interactable Images

Hello UA,

I need help on this:

My question is How to add Interactable Images on a custom editor window GUI

Playmaker is a perfect example for this:

***But my need require it to have Images of atoms, if that’s not possible then maybe how to draw cirles or something :wink: ***

Another example is the Mecanim

but All this as Cirles or even better Images


Unity 5.4

Multiple editor windows

Unknown number of Objects in scene (Yes I will launch it on the Asset store)

Hundreds (Maybe Thousands) of functions

JS and C# both are fine by me

This is done with GUI.Window

for an Editor window you need to wrap it inbetween EditorWindow.BeginWindows() and EditorWindow.EndWindows()

for the guistyle of GUI.Window you can use (GUIStyle)“flow node 1” for nice looking buttons you can use other numbers but i cant remember how high it goes just try it out for yourself