EditorApplication.update way more frequent than 100 times per second?

According to the Unity documentation, EditorApplication.update should occur approximately 100 times per second.

Though I am finding that it is occurring approximately 200 times per second with the following script:

class Test {
    static Test() {
        EditorApplication.update += OnUpdate;

    private static int s_Counter = 0;

    private static void OnUpdate() {
        if (++s_Counter == 200) {
            s_Counter = 0;


So it is clear that I will need to track the time between each update call to reduce the rate at which my update function does its thing. This is not an issue, I know exactly how to do this.

My question is this:

Is this update rate higher with faster CPUs?

Unity have confirmed that this callback occurs more frequently than documented (Case 600361).