EditorGUI Get Rect of GUILayout Objects

I want to resize a draggable GUI.Window (Node) automatically to fit its content. But how can I get the defining rect of the GuiLayout Objects I want to draw in the node?

//Gets called from EditorWindow
public void DrawNode() {
	textContent = GUILayout.TextArea (content, GUILayout.ExpandHeight(true));
         textContent = "";

	//rect = TextArea + Button Total size


The EditorWindow draws the nodes:

private void OnGUI(){
    BeginWindows ();
    for(int i = 0; i < nodes.Count; i++) {
        nodes<em>.rect = GUI.Window(i, nodes_.rect, DrawNodeWindow, nodes*.title);*_</em>

* }*
* EndWindows ();*
//function that actually draws the nodes as dragWindow
* private void DrawNodeWindow(int id) {*
* if (id < nodes.Count) {*
* nodes [id].DrawNode ();*
* GUI.DragWindow ();*
* }*
* }*

You can use GUILayoutUtility.GetLastRect after a GUILayout control method to get the layouted rect of that control. However this will only return a valid rect when not executing the layout event. As you might know every event that is processed by OnGUI / OnInspectorGUI is paired with a layout event which is executed right before the actual event. During the layout event the rect is something like (0,0,-1,-1) afaik.

Note if you want to get the combined size of two or more elements you may want to wrap them in a seperate horizontal / vertical layout group and get the rect from that.

From your code it’s not really clear where your “DrawNode” method is called from. You added the comment that it’s called from “EditorWindow”. Did you mean called from the GUI.Window callback?

Note that you can use GUILayout.Window instead of GUI.Window. It is able to resize itself when needed. Though it will only ever “grow” the size but never reduce it.

Note that GetLastRect does return the actual layouted rect, not the size that might be needed / wanted for the content. Layouting always depends on the space available.