EditorGUILayout.TextArea Wrap

I have a custom inspector with a TextArea field, but it does not wrap, which is a real pain to work with. I've tried changing the skin settings, but no luck. I'm trying to do the following during OnInspectorGUI, but to no avail:

var skin : GUISkin = EditorGUIUtility.GetBuiltinSkin(EditorSkin.Inspector);
skin.textArea.wordWrap = true;

I've also tried:

function OnGUI() {
    if(GUI.skin.customStyles.Length > 0)
        GUI.skin.customStyles[0].wordWrap = true;

But no luck either.

Any suggestions?

As yoyo suggested, setting the attribute on EditorGUI.textArea fixes the problem. I add the following line of code and it works:

EditorStyles.textField.wordWrap = true;

Here is a simple way to apply word-wrap to a multi line string variable (here applied to a Comment component I use to leave comments in the editor).

public class Comment : MonoBehaviour {
   [TextArea(5, 3)]
   string comments;

Here is what it looks like: linky link text

It was taken from the UnityEngine.UI.Text component.