[EditorScript] Resize ObjectField problem ?

i want to resize my objectfield height but it disarranges assign button of objectfield.
is there any way to hide assign button ?
or solve this scale problem ?


If your want to resize your object field size, you can take a look here.

But if you want to disarranges assign btn, I think you have to create your drawer for that field (I’m not sure, not ever tried this case)

No it’s not possible to just hide the button as this button is not a seperate button but it’s part of the objectField style. What you can do is replacing the default style with your own. You can try passing “box” (or any other style that might fit) as style to your ObjectField method. Though an actual custom style may be better. If you have already a GUISkin, you may want to add another one for your object field.