Educational License at home?


There’s a possibility that my university might purchase some educational license for unity3d.

The problem is that they apparently need to be installed on ‘lab computers’. And I have about an hour commute to the university.

I’m hoping to use Unity3D for my bachelor thesis, so I will need to use it almost every day for a long period, and having to drive there every day would be troublesome.

So I’m wondering if I can get an educational license through my university, use it at my home system for the duration of the project, and then migrate the license back to one of the lab computers at the end?

It’s a similar situation as what’s found here:

Which received a positive response, but for a teacher/lecturer, and I’m a student.
I would not use it any differently than I would if it was at the university on a lab computer, it would just be insanely more convenient for me.

It would be great if I could get some sort of official response that I could present to my university.

Thank you

Educational licenses have no relationship to lab computers but if you get a student license its a single seat only, it will always show the watermark (its a time unlimited pro trial basically) and it will work for 12 months only.

check studica to buy it in case you are from the USA