Effect on camera

Hi, I am working on a game taking place in a horror ambiance. I activated the 30 days of pro trial. I found a clip (6 seconds long) of scratches and noise, old camera/film style. I would like to know if there is a way to put it in my 2D game, so the player always have this effect (my camera already follows the player). Plus, I would like to know if I can make it on replay since it’s only 6 seconds.

Please keep in mind it’s a 2D game… if it changes anything!

Thanks you

Thanks guy, but I got it! I simply cut the clip in frames, make an animation of all of them looping, set it in the camera as a child and reduced alpha. That was it!

See the documentation on MovieTexture. If you initially set its loop boolean to true it should repeat itself. You could create a second camera, render your video with that and let the camera always render after your game camera (set your video cameras depth to 1 and its clear flags to nothing Camera documentation)

Another approach could be one of those image effects (Noise, Noise and Grain)