Effective texture use

Ok, what I wonder is basically how Unity handles textures that have already been read into memory. Example: I use the same texture in various places throughout the game. If I create an AssetBundle that is streamed over an internet connection, obviously this texture will be downloaded even though it's already in memory.. Correct? But will Unity also read this texture and treat it as a duplicate and thus wasting texture memory or will it recognize that the texture is already loaded into memory and skip it?

Also, in general, how does Unity handle multiples of the same texture if they are saved in different locations in the assets folder? Does it treat them as copies or does it recognize a specific filename and treats it like instances once you create a "build" of your scene?

Thanx for your help


Both cases would be treated as separate textures, each instance consuming memory. Why would you want to have multiple instances of the same texture in different locations in the assets folder?