Effectors not working with compound collider?

I have a problem with the Area Effector 2D and my compound colliders. The thing is that the effector is applying its force multiple times to the Rigidbody2D. So objects containing multiple colliders are effectively affected by much stronger forces. This behaviour seems kind of strange to me…
Is there any way to tell the effector to apply its force once per rigidbody instead of once per collider?

Why is it strange; because it’s not what you want? Have you looked at any of the properties and tried experimenting?

Try changing ForceTarget i.e. the target where the effector applies the force. You can set it to affect the collider or the rigid-body. Both have use-cases.

Why is it strange; because it’s not what you want?
Exactly… :slight_smile: And it’s not what the documentation tells me.

Don’t know if I tried everything but I experimented with a lot of the properties and combinations of the composition of my objects affected by the effector.

ForceTarget tells something about where the force is applied not how often.


The force target is the point on a target object where the effector applies any force.

Scripting Reference:

The target for where the effector applies any force.

If I have an Object with a single collider attached everything works fine. If I split the collider (e.g. two half sized boxes instead of the single one) the effector applies its force twice. The GameObject I want to use has a compound of four colliders. This means my object is affected by the force four times in a single FixedUpdate. That is my problem with Unity’s AreaEffector2D and I don’ know how to handle it.

Currently I implemented my own Area Effectors to handle this.