Effects stop working when I attach them to an object.

Whenever I spawn in a particle system (checking on the external forces module) and particle system force field, they work fine as expected. However in the hierarchy, when I move either of them onto my player object, making them a child of it, they stop working entirely. Even when I take them back off and put them as their own object again, they still don’t work. They only stop working when made a child of the player object. Also, neither of them work when I add them as a component to the player object.

This is a 2d game, z position for all objects are 0.

I understand that I would need to give more information on the player objects settings, I just have no idea how or what would be causing the issue so I don’t know what specifically to give.

Any help on what could be causing effects to not work on this specific object would be greatly appreciated.


Perhaps the player’s z scale is set to 0 which set’s the child particle system to 0 so it’s not visible. Not entirely sure if that’s the issue but that’s my guess. Hope this helps.