Efficiently changing other object's variables via triggers?

Hello! I’ve been googling a lot lately because I am hoping for a more efficient/easy way to do the following:

I have 2 scripts, one is for triggers, another is on a gameobject with a value i wanna change (Lets call them TG and GV respectively)

I want it so that I can define a GV’s variable (bool, int, float.) to change in the inspector of TG, and not have to manually type out what gameobject to find, the script name, etc, and I was hoping I could define both in the inspector (like one can do with gameobjects and various other elements for ease of use) and then also get the variable of said object’s script and be able to change it.

I’ve experimented with Getcomponent(stringInput) but I don’t seem to be able to do the variable part.

Is there an easier way for this or will I just have to do things very manually?

Are both of these objects present in the scene at all times? If so you can create a public reference to the GV script in your TG script and just drag the GV script into it the inspector. You can use your own scripts the same way you would any other component when declaring it in your class header. i.e. Public GV gvReference; and then just drag the game object with GV attached into the inspector like you would with any other variable.