Elementes like in "from dust"

I just played “From Dust” where they have really good water particle system.
I wonder how to do this in unity, since the particle system in unity is a very simple & basic one.

I would want a particle system like in 3ds max or maya, but of course fitted to work in games.

Is there any approach in doing such things in Unity?

It would be cool is there is a container with water like a barrel, you shoot on it and water comes out of the holes. You run against it and it falls and all the water is flowing out.

So how to do this in unity? :slight_smile:

There’s a couple different things going on in From Dust, but I think the basic thing you’re looking for is the Marching Polyhedrons algorithm. It’s used to generate a ‘shell mesh’ over a point cloud. You can animate the point cloud however you want. If you want flowing liquid, you’d use something like the navier-stokes equations for simulating fluids.

This stuff is all pretty math heavy theory, but it’s good to know the basics. To implement it you’d want to go for one of the papers that SIGGRAPH puts out each year on realtime fluids.