Elevator Script

Since the last script I wanted was too complicated I'm settling for a simpler script. Well, I'm pretty sure it's simpler. Basically I need a script that when a trigger is touched the elevator moves up a floor then back down. What script would do this for me? Note: There are only two floors.

hey, i think i have what your looking. i found a script on this website for opening a door(found like 1 hour ago), so its NOT mine anyway theres 1 problem its so simple t will do what you want but only 1 animation so you would push the button and it would play the animation from the start and always from the start. so if you cant edit it because your not script savvy i recommend making the animation of the elevator go up then skip a lot of frames (depending on how long you want it to stay) then begin adding the return animation. therefore it will be in 1 animation and will not restart and disappear back to the start animation area. so if you want to use this elevator again to return back down sorry u cant with out an alternate way down or if u can edit the script to do so. anyway im not gonna keep u reading anymore heres the script....if im up for ill try to add the return part of it for better interface, i also added a sound for you(add audio source((plays on keydown))

 var theAnimation : AnimationClip;

function OnTriggerStay () {
    if (Input.GetKeyDown("e")) {
        //Other actions here
        if (audio) {
        audio.loop = false;