Elicopter Gun Looking at a crossair

Hi guys, i have this question for you:
I have an elicopter made by me, this copter has a machine gun in the front that should rotate looking at a crossair that i drawed. This gun have 4 parts:

1.“GunA” is the main part of the turret, that should rotate only on the Y axis.
2.“GunB” is the second part of the turret, that should rotate only on the X axis.
3.“GunC” is the minigun, that is children of the GunB object and should rotate fast on the Z axis.
4.the Muzzle object, where are instantiated bullets.

Now my question is: “How can i rotate this parts only on the X,Y,Z axis and make them looking at the crossair?”
Thanks for the reading, bye :wink:

OK first of all does your crosshair ever move on the screen? If not i would put an empty gameObject right in front of the helicopter. Make it a child to the helicopter then make the gun rotate to look at the empty gameObject with :

transform.LookAt(//put empty gameObject Here);

hi DGArtistsInc, i have a Camera that is looking at the copter and the crosshair moves with the camera, so you can look around and shoot where you want.