Eliminate particle flicker

I’m using alpha-blended particles in my game for the dust each car creates. This is the only particle shader that gives me the look I want, so I’m stuck with it.

After researching this question asked previously I’ve tried several options…

  • Adding an Offset property and changing the value of it for each vehicle’s dust particle shader
  • Making my camera near and far plane as close as possible
  • Trying every particle type from billboard to stretched etc.
  • Adding less particles

Is there any way to prevent these particles from z-fighting?

The way I solved this was fixing the scale on my particle system.

For example, I created my particle system in the scene, which set a default scale to 1,1,1… The problem was that I made it a child of a transform that’s scale was 200% the original size, however, the scale on my particle system stayed at 1,1,1. I dropped the particle scale down to 0.01 on all axis and it fixed the issue.

Note that you may need to scale up if your parent object is smaller than 1,1,1…