Ellipsoid Particle Emitter doesn't show particles

Well, this is the background: I have a scene wich contains a ParticleSystem (V 3.5), everything I need can be done with this, except for one thing, change particle color.

I’ve already asked for help here.

So, I’ll change the ParticleSystem, for a Ellipsoid Particle Emitter. There are a lot of examples, questions and answers for changing particle color with EPE object.

Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

First, I’ve created an empty GameObject and attached a EPE to it. But, there are no particles being emitted, not even when I click the play button at the top.

After reading, I’ve found that the EPE works with the ParticleAnimator, and the ParticleRenderer. So I attached those objects to my ‘empty’ GameObject.

But, there are no particles.

Do I need to change any properties to see them?
Every property is at ‘default’ state.


Download the particle asset to start messing around. In the meanwhile, check this http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Components/comp-ParticlesLegacy.html but be careful with the value because if you go too large, you get a big bang, your whole screen gets covered and because of the amount of particle, your computer gets real slow.

Start to play with size/energy/emission/World velocity

Assign a texture also or it will be all pink.

Then later on, you can start with the animation of the textures, ellipsoid.

  1. Create Empty GameObject

  2. Add The Ellipsoid Particle Emitter, Particle Animator, and Particle Renderer

  3. Edit the material in the renderer and select any texture you want for your particles

This should give you a basic particle emitter ready to do your bidding :slight_smile: