Embarrassing Wheel Collider Issue 2D

Hi, every time i attach a wheel collider to my “circle” object for this 2D game im working on it is created perpendicular to the correct direction. I tried every thing from rotating the object, which rotates the collider with it, to attapting to rotate it with a script, that had no results.

This is truly frustrating as how stupid and simple this issue is

Your assistance woud be appreciated

Thanx in advance :slight_smile:

Create an empty GameObject and add a WheelCollider to it. Make that GameObject a “brother” of your circle (i.e., drag it to the same parent in the hierarchy). Copy&paste any local transformations from your circle to it, as you need.

Now move your circle object in the hierarchy to that GameObject to make it a child of it. Now you should be able to rotate or pivot it relative to the WheelCollider to where you want, using its local transformation.