Embed and communicate with Unity inside another app

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been developing an application which makes use of the GoogleMaps system (i’m aware of ToS, api etc)

Looking into embedding a dynamic map into a unity scene I’ve discovered this is very difficult to pull off.

So I got to wondering if it’s possible to embed a Unity scene into another application?

If unity could talk with an external app that also contains a google maps window, could the app not interpret commands between unity and googlemaps?

Attached is a lo-fi of the concept. I’ve been searching the script reference for talking to external apps, but all of it seems to only work in the web player.


Is this sort of setup theoretically possible?
Basically what I’m trying to accomplish is BroadcastMessage but to an external app.

You could always have your main application start a server and listen on some port and then have Unity connect to the port via localhost. Unity could then send predefined commands using WWWForm to the main application which would communicate with Google maps.

If your application’s target platform is windows standalone, than you can try do embed unity window by using “-parentHWND” command line arguments for the Unity Player’s process. Here is an example how to do this. And also, you can use any IPC (named pipes for exemple) to communicate with it.