Emission shader doesn't "glow"


I recently started learning about LWRP and I made a simple shader. However, the edges don't seem to be "glowing", they are just flat colours (see picture). When I try to use the same shader in HDRP, it works perfectly fine indicating it is not the problem with the shader itself. I'm looking for a way to make it look similar in LWRP.

I’m pretty sure it’s possible since the tutorial I watched was done with LWRP. I don’t even know what is this “glow effect” called so I can’t find it anywhere on the internet.

Thanks for any help.


have you tried setting your “glow color” to HDR? Emission is for actually illuminating the surroundings like a light. The effect in the left image appears to not emit any light but just “looks” like it’s glowing, which is achieved by using a HDR color, this lets the color appear to “glow” towards a blown out white, like in the left image.