Emit Particles in 45 degree steps ?

I recently found an nice app, which uses a cool cartoon like splash effect.

It Looks like this :

I marked it with the black arrow…

I tried to create it with the Unity particle System, but somehow i cant manage it to emit particles in 45 degree steps… In their Particle System UI isnt an Option for that.

Does anyone know how to do that ? Or is there an solution to do this through a script ?

Main module:

  • Looping: false
  • Max Particles: 8

Emission module:

  • Rate over Time: 1000 (any number absurdly high to be clamped by Max Particles)

Shape module:

  • Shape: Circle
  • Arc Mode: Burst Spread
  • Spread: 0.125 (IOW 1/8)

Renderer module:

  • Render Mode: Stretched Billboard