empty error in console : collapse

i tried too hard to figure it out here’s pic

This solved the issue for me:
Try changing your system locale back to English. Go to Control Panel > Region > Administrative tab > Change system locale > English (United States) > Restart PC.

Same problem here and I’ve not figured it out yet! This error is really a frustrating one, as it has no text or details. Even double-clicking on it won’t do anything!

Have you upgraded your unity version recently? Because it happened to me after upgrading to unity 5.6.1.f1 and trying to open a project which was originally created on unity 5.4.3.

How about mac?

Is the above doesnt work, try clicking the little triangle in the top right corner of the Console and Select ‘Editor Log’ for the full rundown.

Solved this by doing the following:

  • Going into package manager and removing everything except package-manager-ui
  • Reinstalling the same version of unity with visual studio 2017 (previously uninstalled it to install 2019)