Empty game objects - too much?

Is it bad to have a lot of empty game objects for your game? I am working on a side-scroller and utilize empty game objects alot - primarily for moving enemies and platforms between two points (e.g., 5 enemies would mean 10 empty game objects). I plan to build this game for iPhone and Android devices so i’m trying to improve performance in anyway possible.

There shouldn’t be performance impact with empty game objects cause they are only pivot points in space (X,Y,Z), unless you have like million of those :).

But for moving object between 2 points I would use programming, or Tween class.

The only performance impact I can think of that empty game objects would presumably slow down Find commands to some extent, but you shouldn’t be doing those a lot anyway.

@rjdfhorn2006 Among other reasons not to create too many game Objects, there is a limit in the number of game objects you can create in one scene. Some reported a crash after creating 16K or so, some say the limit was 5000. (Refer https://answers.unity.com/questions/365552/why-would-you-use-a-scriptable-object-versus-an-em.html?_ga=2.88130203.1241098326.1611400501-548920451.1586375942) In any case, it is not desirable to create too many game objects even if they are empty, as others mentioned, since it will undermine the performance overall.