empty GameObject is equal to null on comparison?

    Transform selectedObject = SCScript.GetCurrentGameObject().transform.Find("Container/ContainerBox/ElementBox");
    //Transform selectedObject = SCScript.GetCurrentGameObject().transform; //<--This works fine!!
    Debug.Log("Got SelectionBox:"+selectedObject);
    if (selectedObject==null) return;
    MeshRenderer[] meshes = selectedObject.GetComponentsInChildren<MeshRenderer>();

The Debug.Log shows: GotSelectionBox:UnityEngine.Transform

the GetCurrentGameObject returns a selected GameObject. If I just use the commented line it works, but then I am getting to many Materials, I just want the materials in SelectedGameObject/Container/ContainerBox/ElementBox. ElementBox is an Empty GameObject, which can contain a further GameObject with Materials, that I am trying to get and change. I am checking if there is an ElementBox there, so no errors occur, but it is returning as if it were null even though there is an object there. Is this because it is an empty GameObject?. I get all materials if I just use the currentObject, which is not exactly what I want, but it works. The current GameObject is a loaded prefab and also an empty GameObject, containing multiple other GameObjects.

UPDATE: I tried this and it works ok:

    Transform selectedObject = SCScript.GetCurrentGameObject().transform;
    Transform[] allChildren = selectedObject.GetComponentsInChildren<Transform>();
    foreach (Transform child in allChildren) {
            if (child.name=="ElementBox"){
                    MeshRenderer[] meshes = child.GetComponentsInChildren<MeshRenderer>();

I highly recommend against using `Find()` by name in any and all of its forms. http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/13827/my-script-isnt-working-what-are-some-ways-i-can-start-debugging/13857#13857

Instead try putting a script on your game object returned by `GetCurrentGameObject()` that contains a transform public member variable, and setting up the connection to your desired parent object on the prefab in the inspector. That way you're not trying to find it by name.