Empty Names for Blendshapes

Thanks for helping me out in getting my blendshapes in, but now there is a new problem.

All the names are empty. I can actually manipulate them and they work, but they are not named. I could see this being a problem when I try to write a script to animate them. Does anyone know how to get the names on there. I’m using Maya 2013 and Unity 4.5of6.

Might be helpful to someone, but I used the 2011 exporter and now the names are there. Before with the 2013 exporter they would work but would not have names, but with the 2011 they work and have names.

I dont know what are you using. But with maya it should not be any problem. I too use maya all the time. Just export it fbx and while modelling name your mesh. And importing in unity I think you have to accept all the default names and uvs from maya. That shouldnt be any problem then…