Empty public script variables.

Hey guys just have a few quick questions for now, probably will have more later really trying to figure out the details for Unity optimization since I’m still pretty new to programming.

For example, I have an enemy Game Object in my scene that has a general AI script that handles nearly everything that enemy type does and I have about 10-20 of that enemy in a scene. One of those enemies uses a few more public Game Objects or Prefabs within it’s script for extra behavior like dropped items, or an object script reference. Nearly all the enemies don’t use those extra public script variables and therefor have empty public variables.

So how much of a performance hit is it to have a bunch of objects activated with several empty public variables each? Would it be worth making new scripts for these more unique variables to avoid having empty variables on the majority of the scripts?

I am unsure how much cost this has on memory/load time since they are empty. This is for an Android/iOS project too so I’m especially interested about any Unity performance details.

If you have non useful gameobjects or if you use gameobjects only once. SO, you can destroy your gameobject after the use of same public gameobject.
For variable make it private. so, it is not use other than your same script and that can not affect the memory use or performance of the game.