Empty triangles when loading 3D model with > 65.534 triangles

Dear Team,

I’m trying to load a 3D model (fbx or obj) with:
(Vertices: 1.023.637;
Triangles: 2.227.397)

Once I drag the 3D model to the scene visor in Unit3D, it consists of 34 submeshes (as much meshes as to complete the total number of triangles in the original mesh). Until here, everything is ok.

The problem is that once I observe the mesh, it appears like several triangles are empty, and this is not problem of the original mesh, since when visualizing it with a 3D viewer it is represented correctly.

Do you know what is happening? Could it be a problem in Unity3D when importing million vertices meshes?

Please help!
Thank you very much!

For a single mesh in Unity, you’re limited to 2^16 vertices, or 65536.

There is no explicit triangle limit, but if they’re indexing tris with int32, which they seem to in the Mesh class, then there’s an implicit limit at 2^32 / 3, or 1431655765.

You can work around these limits by breaking your mesh into multiple objects, or by using simpler meshes. Both options will be much better for performance anyway, thanks to reduced number and complexity of draw calls.