Enable an area after a condition is met

i am using Unity 2D and C sharp.

I been trying to make it so a teleporter is disabled by default until you collect a certain item, then it enables it so then when you go to it, it advances you to the next level, I am pretty sure im not even close to doing it right haha.

I know how to switch scenes.

Sounds like you’ll need the following:

colliders on the object and warp area for collision detection.

You could tag check to make sure its the item or warp on collisions. But this isn’t the only way to do so of course.

void oncollisionenter2D (collision2D other)
{if (other.tag=“Item”) — check if its the item, a tag would have to be setup for this on the item set to the tag.
warp.setEnabled=true; -upon colliding with the item, (obtaining it persey (deactivate it destroy etc whatever you prefer)) enabled the warp; -no real bool needed its set upon collision.
if(other.tag=“warp”) -no chance for collision because it won’t appear until the item is collided with.
do your scene transition here abouts.

Now if you want the warp to always be there, you could change the enabled part of the warp to check a bool instead. (itemfound==true) - or however you’d like to word it.

You can enable and disable each level in one scene. For better performance you can also Instantiale the level in the scene or use muliple scenes foreach level. For the Item you probably want to use a sphere collider on the item gameobject as a trigger. With OnTriggerEnter you can Enable the portal with GameObject.SetActive. Good succeed it’s all learning by doing!