Enable and Disable VR mode at runtime On Devices(Android/IOS)

Hi to all,
I am working on a GearVR project. In my game i have 5 scene and i want to enable VR mode only for 1 scene. When i enable VR mode using VRSettings.enabled I got errors on console(find the attachment).

If i enable VR mode on player setting it works for complete project But i want to enable/disable VR mode only for 1 scene not for full game.

Please suggest me the solution. I will be highly obliged.

I’m having the same issue… :frowning:

Hi, are you sure you have imported the needed sdk , as for example, the Google VR sdk ?

Wich unity version are you using?

Meanwhile, here is the unity manual reference : Unity - Manual: VR development in Unity

let me know :slight_smile: