enable components with same name via script...

Hy guys ! I have this question: Is possible active two components with same name via script in time order ?
Example: Play the level and the first AudioSource is enabled, after 5 second the 2nd AudioSource is enabled, it is possible ? I have created an object in my scene with two audio source like this

Thank you guys !

It is:

AudioSource[] sources = GetComponents<AudioSource>();

will return an array, with AudioSources in order, so sources[0] is the first, sources[1] the second and so on.

Add a Manager script which both stores the references to these components & contains functions to manipulate them.

class AudioComponentManager.cs

[SerializeField] AudioSource firstAudio; //Assign these in the Inspector
[SerializeField] AudioSource secondAudio;

void EnableThem()
    //wait five seconds (Coroutine? In Update?)

This is pretty much how Unity always works. “Manager” scripts are very useful. Especially considering that many methods don’t return Inactive components.

Thank you for all comments !