enable something in function start

here is the script

var camera1 : Camera;

var camera2 : Camera;

function Start(){ fpp.enabled = false; tpp.enabled = true; } function Update() { var fpp= gameObject.GetComponent(fpp); var tpp= gameObject.GetComponent(tpp);


        camera1.enabled = true;
        camera2.enabled = false;
        fpp.enabled = false;
        tpp.enabled = true;
        mouselook.look = false;

else if(Input.GetButtonDown("]"))

        camera1.enabled = false;
        camera2.enabled = true;
        tpp.enabled = false;
        fpp.enabled = true;
        mouselook.look = true;


i need the fpp.enabled = false; and the tpp.enabled = true; to execute in the function Start() but i get an error anyone know how to fix it

this is the error BCE0020: An instance of type 'UnityEngine.Behaviour' is required to access non static member 'enabled'.

i think its because your variable is in the Update function the Start won't recognise it unless its in there too.