Enable syntax checking in monodevelop?

As the title says I was wondering if it is possible to get monodevelop to syntax check code as you type it.

Alternatively is there any compiler for unity script that does syntax checking in such a manner.

Thanks in advance.

Your best option would probably be to use C#. Both syntax checking and the ability to manually compile (hit F7 in MonoDevelop) come activated by default. As an added bonus, C# has lots more example code and is friendlier to use for any project bigger than a breadbox. But I bet you knew all this. Sadly, I don’t know of a Unity Script version. It would be nice.

Indeed, I wish I could use C# it would be of so much more benefit for me to learn and use. But unfortunately we’re required to use Unityscript (Javascript) as part of my college course content.

I really dislike not having syntax checked in monodevelop that I’ve been using an external one called Unitydevelop.

Probably should have marked this as answered but I forgot all about posting it until you replied, thanks for that.

Though I have been learning my way through C# since I need it for a job prospect further down the line. Though as said, I cannot use it for Unity.

For anyone thinking of replying, consider this question answered. Unitydevelop is the best option for getting syntax checking. Then just copy over your code into unity and tweak as needed in monodevelop.