Enabling component - Please help


I am trying to implement Multiplayer to my game and I need help with one script. I am using this Photon script:

   void OnJoinedRoom()
        GameObject monster = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("monsterprefab", Vector3.zero, Quaternion.identity, 0);
        CharacterControl controller = monster.GetComponent<CharacterControl>();
        controller.enabled = true;
        CharacterCamera camera = monster.GetComponent<CharacterCamera>();
        camera.enabled = true;

The problem is that I have a space ship and thats not using the Character controller. How I can enable/disable some script attached to it ? Actually I am using my SpaceShipControls script and Rigidbody component. Please help how to write it in the script.

Scripts are components, so “GetComponent.< SpaceShipControls >().enabled” should work.