Enabling/Disabling Multiple Tagged objects

I'm having a little trouble trying to disable some objects through a level controller script. Basically I've tagged multiple objects with the tag "zones" (they're triggers) and I want to disable all of them through a single controller script. Whenever I tried stating a var and then containing all the gameobjects within it with the "FindGameObjectsWithTag()" it didn't work, then I tried doing it in one line of code instead:

GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("zones").enabled = false;

Any suggestions? It returns an error : "enabled is not a part of UnityEngine.GameObject", with both techniques. btw, I'm using the the line of code inside of an Update function.

That's because it's returning a gameobject array, not a single gameobject (and on top of that, it's active for gameobjects, not enabled)

you can do something like this:

for(var go : GameObject in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("zones"))
    go.active = false;