Enabling the Mesh Manager causes a crash the app on device

I used “Meshing” scene from samples and also created my own using mesh manager. I set up the scene with AR session, volume camera, and a few buttons like activate mesh manager.

Every time the mesh manager is activated, it causes the app to crash with the following logs.

Unity 2022.3.5f1

  • unbounded mode in scene;
  • unbounded mode in settings;
    XCode 15 beta 2
    VisionPro seed1
    Unbounded mode (scene, settings)

Just to confirm are you using Unity 2018 or Unity 2022.3.5f1?

Right now we don’t fully support enabling and disabling AR features at runtime. Were you able to see the meshes working and this crash only occurred when enabling and disabling the MeshManager? Does it work with everything enabled at scene load?

Hi @DanMillerU3D yes unity 2022.3.5
This happens every time when I tried to enable mesh manager, even if mesh manager enable by default and load with scene.

We just released 0.2.2 packages that should support XCode 15 beta 5 along with visionOS seed 2. Can you try updating your packages and tools to see if this fixes the issue?

Hi @DanMillerU3D, yes sure I will check and back to this topic with the result.

@DanMillerU3D, checked on seed2 in next configuration:
*Unity 2022.3.5 *
Xcode 15 beta 5
PolySpatial 0.2.2
and it’s working. I see the meshes. Thank you for your support.

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