enabling trail renderer

I am putting skidmarks in my game with a trail renderer that activates when the tire slips. I have this so far:

// Define the variables used in the script, the Corresponding collider is the wheel collider at the position of
// the visible wheel, the slip prefab is the prefab instantiated when the wheels slide, the rotation value is the
// value used to rotate the wheel around it's axel.
var CorrespondingCollider : WheelCollider;
var SlipPrefab : GameObject;
private var RotationValue : float = 0.0;

function Update () {

    // define a hit point for the raycast collision
    var hit : RaycastHit;
    // Find the collider's center point, you need to do this because the center of the collider might not actually be
    // the real position if the transform's off.
    var ColliderCenterPoint : Vector3 = CorrespondingCollider.transform.TransformPoint( CorrespondingCollider.center );

    // now cast a ray out from the wheel collider's center the distance of the suspension, if it hit something, then use the "hit"
    // variable's data to find where the wheel hit, if it didn't, then se tthe wheel to be fully extended along the suspension.
    if ( Physics.Raycast( ColliderCenterPoint, -CorrespondingCollider.transform.up, hit, CorrespondingCollider.suspensionDistance + CorrespondingCollider.radius ) ) {
        transform.position = hit.point + (CorrespondingCollider.transform.up * CorrespondingCollider.radius);
        transform.position = ColliderCenterPoint - (CorrespondingCollider.transform.up * CorrespondingCollider.suspensionDistance);

    // now set the wheel rotation to the rotation of the collider combined with a new rotation value. This new value
    // is the rotation around the axle, and the rotation from steering input.
    transform.rotation = CorrespondingCollider.transform.rotation * Quaternion.Euler( RotationValue, CorrespondingCollider.steerAngle, 0 );
    // increase the rotation value by the rotation speed (in degrees per second)
    RotationValue += CorrespondingCollider.rpm * ( 360/60 ) * Time.deltaTime;

    // define a wheelhit object, this stores all of the data from the wheel collider and will allow us to determine
    // the slip of the tire.
    var CorrespondingGroundHit : WheelHit;
    CorrespondingCollider.GetGroundHit( CorrespondingGroundHit );

    // if the slip of the tire is greater than 2.0, and the slip prefab exists, create an instance of it on the ground at
    // a zero rotation.
    if ( Mathf.Abs( CorrespondingGroundHit.sidewaysSlip ) > 2.0 ) {
        if ( SlipPrefab ) {
            Instantiate( SlipPrefab, CorrespondingGroundHit.point, Quaternion.identity );
    if ( Mathf.Abs( CorrespondingGroundHit.sidewaysSlip ) > 2.0 ) {
            TrailRenderer.enabled = true; //THIS IS THE PROBLEM

What i have here is working, apart from the last section with TrailRenderer. I get an error of

BCE0020: An instance type of 'UnityEngine.Renderer' is required to access non static member 'enabled'.

how do i fix this?

Use `GetComponent(TrailRenderer).enabled = true` instead.

`TrailRenderer` (uppercase) is the class name, but you want the particular instance on your gameObject. Many classes (like `Rigidbody`) have direct access names (`GameObject.rigidbody`), but `TrailRenderer` hasn't, so you have to use `GetComponent` to access it.