Endless "Importing assets" loading window in Unity editor

Recently I’ve started exploring Unity and learning how to code with VS C#. My Unity version is 2020.3.3f1. Creating a script in C# was not convenient for me because I couldn’t see Scripting References in C#, so I had to switch on Visual Studio Community 2019 [16.9.3] in the External Script Editor in Unity Preferences. After that when saving my C# script and switching back to Unity Editor the “Importing assets” loading window pops up and it stays forever until I click on some settings in the Editor. But as soon as I open another window on my computer and try to go back to Unity, this “importing assets” shows up again and stays forever. I tried switch off the Visual Studio option in the External Script Editor and it helped to remove this problem, but then I cannot see Scripting References from Unity in C#, so it’s not convenient to code. Without running VS script the problem does not occur as well even when the Visual Studio option in the External Script Editor is enabled.

I am also having this problem since last night and I solved the problem as follows;
First run Visual Studio Comminity then run Unity and try it, it worked for me.

If you have solved the problem, tell me the solution, please.

Try this:


… now, in the one of the 2021 versions … we are awaiting on a project initial load for today, and / or any subsequent projects loads - for about 3 hours usual - and just looking at the import-mini window, for 3+ hours again, for the project size that in Unity versions earlier than 2018 loads only in a minute or 2, the max … Another clear sign, that from the last stable and productive Unity (2017.4 versions) - the community, with the versions from 2018 and + is now clearly de-railed from the correct (and needed) direction, and since than - it’s not the true Unity any more. This happens when ever you let the technocracy and technocrats to change the engine into what was origially not, and into what originally the engine is not, and can not be. And once the aggressive (and non-optional) restriction poliicy of what a developer can do with prefabs and the rest at any given time - is now introduced as well, under an excuse of the ‘improvement’ and ‘progress’. This is exactly how to the de-rail the community and the engine, as the case with so many other engines that have committed the same mistake, and are todya as we all know: dead in the water … Once so good and productive (and easy to handle) engine is now turned into something we don’t recognize and we can not use effectively any more, while the above is only a tip of the iceberg, from the issues with the engine today, and (as it gets more complicated as it does, with more useless ‘features’ and restrictions, forced further on the developers) it’s not getting any bette … Unity can do a great favor to themselves and the world-wide dev’s and customers database to delete all versions from 2018, and 2018 as well, so we all know what we are doing again, and take it from there, in what we know to be, and was the only CORRECT direction. (and not just the wanted direction) as those 2 directions are NOT the same. The time will tell … sooner or later, the time will tell …