Enemies are pushing the player

Hello. I have one player and an enemies who are chasing him. As the number of enemies increases they start pushing each other and pushing the player causing it to twitch, how can I solve this problem? Stopping distance of navmesh agent doesn’t help
I tried to use linecast and checking which unit is in front of the enemy, but it doesn’t help in all cases.

You can increase agent.avoidancePriority (by lowering it’s value) for enemies which happen to be right near the player, so the other enemies won’t be able to push them to the player. And don’t forget to set it back to previous vaule afterwards once they are not that close to the player anymore. For stock agent with priority of 50, the agents with 49 priority are basically immovable.

Possible drawback however is that enemy hordes would probably stop circling the player, because the stock unity agents really suck at getting around each other, and closest enemies were circling you only because they were getting pushed.