Enemies drop coins

Hi, I was thinking about making a currency drop system in my game, like when you kill an enemy and coins or exp drop to the ground, you can walk to it and get it.
Some examples I can think would be Metroid and Risk of Rain.
So what would be the best way to implement it for game performance? I was thinking about using a script on the enemy, that instantiates Prefabs at random directions on OnDestroy or something like that, or maybe use a particle system? I don’t know if it’s posible.

You can have few 3D mesh coins (just a very flat cylinder with appropriate golden texture) tossed by the particle system upward, add some random 3D rotation over lifetime but bring it down by gravity. The eventual stash of coins on the ground would be a single object (fades in by animating its transform.scale from zero to 1), it can be either 2D sprite or 3D mesh, depending on your graphical direction.